Equipment for Hire

Please find below a full list of the equipment that we have for hire.

Paris Goblet (6oz)

Paris Goblet (8oz)

Champagne Flute

Cocktail / Martini

Slim Jim (6oz)

Slim Jim (8oz)

Slim Jim (10oz)

Sleever (1/2 pint)

Sleever (1 pint)

Mug (1/2 pint)

Mug (1 pint)

Sherry Glass

Port Glass

Brandy Glass

Liqueur Glass

Fruit Juice Tumbler

Wine Carafe

Glass Jug (1/2 litre)

Glass Jug (1 litre)

Sundae Dish

Salad Bowl (Large)

Salad Bowl (Med)

Salad Bowl (Small)

Cake/Gateau Stand

Glass Display with Dome


Punch Bowl and Ladle

White China

Dinner Plate (10")

Dinner Plate (12")

Soup Plate

Entree Plate

Side Plate

Dessert Dish

Tea Cup / Saucer

Demi Cup / Saucer

Butter Pad


Cruet Set


Coffee Pot

Milk Jug (2 pint)

Milk Jug (1 pint)

Cream Jug (1/2 pint)

Sugar Bowl

Bud Vase

Gravy Boat

Oven to Table Dish

Oven to Table Dish (Large)


Royal Doulton Hotel Ware

Dinner Plate

Entree Plate

Side Plate

Tea Cup / Saucer

Butter Pad

Dessert Dish

Demi Cup / Saucer

Cream Jug

Milk Jug

Kings Pattern Cutlery

Soup Spoon

Fish Knife

Dinner Knife

Dessert Knife

Dessert Spoon

Tea Spoon

Serving Spoon

Butter Knife

Sauce Ladle

Punch Ladle

Cake Stand (Round)

Chrome Plated E Shape

Fish Fork

Dinner Fork

Dessert Fork

Coffee Spoon

Serving Fork

Cheese Knife

Gateau Slice

Salad Server

Wedding Cake Knife

Cake Stand (Square)

Chrome Plated S Shape

Plain Stainless Steel Cutlery

Dinner Knife

Fish Knife

Side Knife

Dessert Fork

Tea Spoon

Serving Fork

Serving Tong

Dinner Fork

Soup Spoon

Butter Knife

Dessert Spoon

Serving Spoon

Large Service Fork and Spoon

Cake Slice

Stainless Steel Items

Coffee Pot (70oz)

Coffee Pot (40oz)

Teapot (Large)

Teapot (70oz)

Teapot (40oz)

Coupe / Sundae Dish

Chafing Dish (Oval)

Chafing Dish (Rectangle)

Chafing Dish (Oval)

Cruet Set

Elliptical Ham Stand

Flat Ham Stand

Fish Kettle (25")

Gravy Boat

Mustard Pot and Paddle

Oval Flat (12"-15")

Oval Flat (16"-20")

Round Flat (12"-15")

Round Flat (16"-20")

Oblong Flat

Round Waitress Tray

Oblong Tray

Salmon Flat

Vegetable Dish (Plain 10")

Vegetable Dish (Plain 12")

Vegetable Dish (Divided 10")

Vegetable Dish (Divided 12")

Vegetable Dish Lid (10")

Vegetable Dish Lid (12")

Vegetable Dish Lid (20")

Vegetable Dish (Plain 20")

Vegetable Dish (Divided 20")

Champagne Bucket

Clear Wine Cooler

Slotted Spoon

Serving Spoon

Soup Ladle

Soup Tureen with Lid

Catering Equipment

Electric Hot Cupboard

Electric Bain Marie

6 Burner Gas Cooker

Convection Oven

B-B-Q (Small)

B-B-Q (Large)

Hog-roasting Machine

Table Top Water Boiler (Urn)

2 Ring Burner (Electric)

Pie Warming Cabinet

Three Light Pub Servery

Meat Slicer

6 Slice Toaster

Microwave Oven

Bottle Cooler

Domestic Chest Freezer

Calor Gas 2 Ring Burner

Calor Gas Water Boiler

Saucepan (assorted sizes)

Roasting Tray

Commercial Fridge

Commercial Upright Freezer

Commercial Chest Freezer

Fridge Trailer

Double Gas Fryer

Double Sink Unit

Single Sink Unit


4ft Round Table

4ft Trestle Table

5ft Round Table

5ft Trestle Table

6ft Round Table

6ft Trestle Table

Stacking Chair

Banqueting Chair

Wedding Chair (Limewash)

4.6ft Veneer Table

Coat Rail (with hangers)

Poseur Table

Coloured Sash

Garden Furniture

Oval Table

3ft Round Table

2ft Round Table


Patio Heater

Paris Goblet (8oz)


Bread Basket (Small)

Bread Basket (Large)

Cafeteria Serving Tray

Cheese Board

Ice Bucket and Tongs

Thermal Jug (40oz)

Thermal Jug (64oz)

Pepper Mill

Plate Clip

Wine Bucket Stand

Jack Stack


70" x 70"

90" x 90"

70" x 108"

70" x 144"

108" Diameter


Chair Covers White

Chair Covers White & Coloured Sash